Interface ISimpleChemObjectReader

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AutoCloseable, Closeable, IChemObjectIO, IChemObjectReader
All Known Implementing Classes:
CDKOWLReader, CIFReader, CMLReader, CrystClustReader, CTXReader, DefaultChemObjectReader, GamessReader, Gaussian03Reader, Gaussian98Reader, GhemicalMMReader, HINReader, INChIPlainTextReader, INChIReader, MDLReader, MDLRXNReader, MDLRXNV2000Reader, MDLRXNV3000Reader, MDLV2000Reader, MDLV3000Reader, Mol2Reader, Mopac7Reader, MoSSOutputReader, PCCompoundASNReader, PCCompoundXMLReader, PCSubstanceXMLReader, PDBReader, PMPReader, RGroupQueryReader, ShelXReader, SMILESReader, VASPReader, XYZReader, ZMatrixReader

public interface ISimpleChemObjectReader extends IChemObjectReader
This class is the interface that all IO readers should implement. Programs need only care about this interface for any kind of IO. Currently, database IO and file IO is supported.

The easiest way to implement a new ChemObjectReader is to subclass the DefaultChemObjectReader.

I don't know how this should be enforced, but a Reader should also provide an empty constructor so that ClassLoader/getInstance() can be used to instantiate a ChemObjectReader.

Egon Willighagen <>
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  • Method Details

    • read

      <T extends IChemObject> T read(T object) throws CDKException
      Reads an IChemObject of type "object" from input. The constructor of the actual implementation may take a Reader as input to get a very flexible reader that can read from string, files, etc.
      object - the type of object to return
      returns an object of that contains the content (or part) of the input content
      CDKException - it is thrown if the type of information is not available from the input