Class Atropisomeric

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, ICDKObject, IStereoElement<IBond,​IAtom>

    public class Atropisomeric
    extends Object
    Restricted axial rotation around Aryl-Aryl bonds. The atropisomer is stored in a similar manner to ExtendedTetrahedral (and TetrahedralChirality) except instead of storing the central atom we store the sigma bond around which the rotation is restricted and the four carriers are connect to either end atom of the 'focus' bond.
          a     b'
         /       \
        Ar --f-- Ar
         \      /
          a'   b
     f: focus
     Ar: Aryl (carriers connected to either end of 'f')
     a,a',b,b': ortho substituted on the Aryl

    Typical examples include BiNOL, and BiNAP.
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