Interface IGenerator<T extends IChemObject>

All Known Implementing Classes:
AtomContainerBoundsGenerator, AtomMassGenerator, AtomNumberGenerator, BasicAtomGenerator, BasicBondGenerator, BasicGenerator, BasicSceneGenerator, BoundsGenerator, ExtendedAtomGenerator, HighlightGenerator, LonePairGenerator, MappingGenerator, ProductsBoxGenerator, RadicalGenerator, ReactantsBoxGenerator, ReactionArrowGenerator, ReactionBoxGenerator, ReactionPlusGenerator, ReactionSceneGenerator, RingGenerator, StandardGenerator

public interface IGenerator<T extends IChemObject>
An IGenerator converts chemical entities into parts of the chemical drawing expressed as IRenderingElements. Note that some generators have explicit empty constructors (like: "public MyGenerator() {}") which can be useful in some situations where reflection is required. It is not, however, necessary for most normal drawing situations.
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