Class ReactionSpecification

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReactionSpecification

        public ReactionSpecification​(String specificationReference,
                                     String implementationTitle,
                                     String implementationIdentifier,
                                     String implementationVendor)
        Container for specifying the type of reaction.
        specificationReference - Reference to a formal definition in a dictionary (e.g. in STMML format) of the descriptor, preferably refering to the original article. The format of the content is expected to be <dictionaryNameSpace>:<entryID>.
        implementationTitle - Title for the reaction process.
        implementationIdentifier - Unique identifier for the actual implementation, preferably including the exact version number of the source code. E.g. $Id$ can be used when the source code is in a CVS repository.
        implementationVendor - Name of the organisation/person/program/whatever who wrote/packaged the implementation.