Interface IImplementationSpecification

All Known Implementing Classes:
DescriptorSpecification, ReactionSpecification

public interface IImplementationSpecification
Interface that is used to describe the specification of a certain implementation of an algorithm.
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  • Method Details

    • getSpecificationReference

      String getSpecificationReference()
      Pointer to a dictionary or ontology describing a unique algorithm.
      the URN pointing to a (virtual) dictionary or ontology.
    • getImplementationTitle

      String getImplementationTitle()
      Human-readable name for the implementation for the algorithm specified by the reference.
      the name of this implementation
    • getImplementationIdentifier

      String getImplementationIdentifier()
      Identifier for this implementation which must include version information. The format is free.
      a free format identifier for this implementation
    • getImplementationVendor

      String getImplementationVendor()
      Human-readable name for the vendor that holds copyright for this implementation.
      the copyright holder of the implementation