Class EventCMLReader

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Closeable, AutoCloseable, IChemObjectIO, IEventChemObjectReader

public class EventCMLReader extends DefaultEventChemObjectReader
Reads a molecule in CML 1.x and 2.0 format. CML is an XML based application [Murray-Rust, P. and Rzepa, H.S.. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences. 1999. 39], and this Reader applies the method described in [Willighagen, E.L.. Internet Journal of Chemistry. 2001. 4].
Egon L. Willighagen
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file format, CML
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    • EventCMLReader

      public EventCMLReader(Reader input, IReaderListener listener, IChemObjectBuilder builder)
      Define this CMLReader to take the input from a class. Possible readers are (among others) StringReader and FileReader. The given ReaderListener catches the events thrown to signal that a a new molecule is read.
      input - Reader type input
      listener - ReaderListener that listens to newMolecule events.
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