Interface ISequenceSubRule<ILigand>

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public interface ISequenceSubRule<ILigand> extends Comparator<ILigand>
Sequence sub rule used in the CIP method to decide which of the two ligands takes precedence [Cahn, R.S. et. al.. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 1966. 5]. A list ordered based on these rules will be sorted from low to high precedence.
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      int compare(ILigand ligand1, ILigand ligand2)
      Compares two ligands according to the particular sequence sub rule. It returns 1 if ligand1 takes precedence over ligand2, -1 if ligand2 takes precedence over ligand1, and 0 if they are equal.
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      compare in interface Comparator<ILigand>
      ligand1 - the first of the two ligands to compare
      ligand2 - the second of the two ligands to compare
      1 if ligand1 is of higher precedence than ligand2, -1 if ligand2 is of higher precedence than ligan1, and 0 if they have equal precedence