Class SimpleCharStream

  • public class SimpleCharStream
    extends Object
    An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
    • Field Detail

      • staticFlag

        public static final boolean staticFlag
        Whether parser is static.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • bufpos

        public int bufpos
        Position in buffer.
      • bufline

        protected int[] bufline
      • bufcolumn

        protected int[] bufcolumn
      • column

        protected int column
      • line

        protected int line
      • prevCharIsCR

        protected boolean prevCharIsCR
      • prevCharIsLF

        protected boolean prevCharIsLF
      • inputStream

        protected Reader inputStream
      • buffer

        protected char[] buffer
      • maxNextCharInd

        protected int maxNextCharInd
      • inBuf

        protected int inBuf
      • tabSize

        protected int tabSize
      • trackLineColumn

        protected boolean trackLineColumn
    • Method Detail

      • setTabSize

        public void setTabSize​(int i)
      • getTabSize

        public int getTabSize()
      • ExpandBuff

        protected void ExpandBuff​(boolean wrapAround)
      • UpdateLineColumn

        protected void UpdateLineColumn​(char c)
      • getEndColumn

        public int getEndColumn()
        Get token end column number.
      • getEndLine

        public int getEndLine()
        Get token end line number.
      • getBeginColumn

        public int getBeginColumn()
        Get token beginning column number.
      • getBeginLine

        public int getBeginLine()
        Get token beginning line number.
      • backup

        public void backup​(int amount)
        Backup a number of characters.
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(Reader dstream,
                           int startline,
                           int startcolumn,
                           int buffersize)
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(Reader dstream,
                           int startline,
                           int startcolumn)
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(Reader dstream)
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(InputStream dstream,
                           int startline,
                           int startcolumn,
                           int buffersize)
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(InputStream dstream)
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(InputStream dstream,
                           int startline,
                           int startcolumn)
      • GetImage

        public String GetImage()
        Get token literal value.
      • GetSuffix

        public char[] GetSuffix​(int len)
        Get the suffix.
      • Done

        public void Done()
        Reset buffer when finished.
      • adjustBeginLineColumn

        public void adjustBeginLineColumn​(int newLine,
                                          int newCol)
        Method to adjust line and column numbers for the start of a token.