Class SingleElectron

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, ICDKObject, IChemObject, IElectronContainer, ISingleElectron

public class SingleElectron extends ElectronContainer implements Serializable, ISingleElectron, Cloneable
A Single Electron is an orbital which is occupied by only one electron. A radical in CDK is represented by an AtomContainer that contains an Atom and a SingleElectron type ElectronContainer:
   AtomContainer radical = new AtomContainer();
   Atom carbon = new Atom("C");
   radical.addElectronContainer(new SingleElectron(carbon));
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radical, electron, unpaired
  • Field Details

    • electronCount

      protected final int electronCount
      Number of electron for this class is defined as one.
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    • atom

      protected IAtom atom
      The atom with which this single electron is associated.
  • Constructor Details

    • SingleElectron

      public SingleElectron(IAtom atom)
      Constructs an single electron orbital on an Atom.
      atom - The atom to which the single electron belongs.
    • SingleElectron

      public SingleElectron()
      Constructs an single electron orbital with an associated Atom.
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