Class StandardGenerator.ForceDelocalisedBondDisplay

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    public static final class StandardGenerator.ForceDelocalisedBondDisplay
    extends AbstractGeneratorParameter<Boolean>
    Indicate delocalised/aromatic bonds should always be rendered, even when there is a valid Kekule structure. Delocalised bonds will either be rendered as a dashed bond to the side or as a circle/donut/life buoy inside small rings. This depiction is used by default when a bond does not have an order assigned (e.g. null/unset), for example: c1cccc1. Turning this option on means all delocalised bonds will be rendered this way even when they have bond orders correctly assigned: e.g. c1ccccc1, [cH-]1cccc1.
    As recommended by IUPAC, their usage is discouraged and the Kekule representation is more clear.
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      • ForceDelocalisedBondDisplay

        public ForceDelocalisedBondDisplay()
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        public Boolean getDefault()
        Gets the default value for this parameter. This value is set by the parameter class and cannot be changed.
        the default value for this parameter