Class AtomMassSymbolElement

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public class AtomMassSymbolElement extends AtomSymbolElement
Rendering element that shows the IAtom mass number information.
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  • Field Details

    • atomMassNumber

      public final int atomMassNumber
      The IAtoms mass number.
  • Constructor Details

    • AtomMassSymbolElement

      public AtomMassSymbolElement(double xCoord, double yCoord, String symbol, Integer formalCharge, Integer hydrogenCount, int alignment, Integer atomMass, Color color)
      Constructs a new TextElement displaying the atom's mass number information.
      xCoord - screen x-coordinate of where the text is displayed
      yCoord - screen y-coordinate of where the text is displayed
      symbol - the element symbol of the atom
      formalCharge - the formal charge of the atom
      hydrogenCount - the number of implicit hydrogens of the atom
      alignment - indicator of how the text should be aligned
      atomMass - the mass number of the atom
      color - the color