Class AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
IAtomicDescriptor, IDescriptor

public class AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor extends AbstractAtomicDescriptor implements IAtomicDescriptor
This class returns the hybridization of an atom.

This class try to find a SIMPLE WAY the molecular geometry for following from Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion or VSEPR model and at the same time its hybridization of atoms in a molecule.

The basic premise of the model is that the electrons are paired in a molecule and that the molecule geometry is determined only by the repulsion between the pairs. The geometry adopted by a molecule is then the one in which the repulsions are minimized.

It counts the number of electron pairs in the Lewis dot diagram which are attached to an atom. Then uses the following table.

Hybridisation states
pairs on an atom hybridization of the atom geometry number for CDK.Constants
3sp^2trigonal planar2
5sp^3dtrigonal bipyramid4
7sp^3d^3pentagonal bipyramid6
8sp^3d^4square antiprim7
9sp^3d^5tricapped trigonal prism8

This table only works if the central atom is a p-block element (groups IIA through VIIIA), not a transition metal.

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no parameters
Miguel Rojas
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atomHybridizationVSEPR in the Descriptors Dictionary [qsar-descriptors:atomHybridizationVSEPR]
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    • AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor

      public AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor()
      Constructor for the AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor object
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    • getSpecification

      public DescriptorSpecification getSpecification()
      Gets the specification attribute of the AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor object
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      getSpecification in interface IDescriptor
      The specification value
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      public void setParameters(Object[] params) throws CDKException
      This descriptor does have any parameter.
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      setParameters in interface IDescriptor
      params - An array of Object containing the parameters for this descriptor
      CDKException - if invalid number of type of parameters are passed to it
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      public Object[] getParameters()
      Gets the parameters attribute of the AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor object
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      getParameters in interface IDescriptor
      The parameters value
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    • getDescriptorNames

      public String[] getDescriptorNames()
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      Returns an array of names for each descriptor value calculated. Many descriptors return multiple values. In general it is useful for the descriptor to indicate the names for each value. In many cases, these names can be as simple as X1, X2, ..., XN where X is a prefix and 1, 2, ..., N are the indices. On the other hand it is also possible to return other arbitrary names, which should be documented in the Javadocs for the descriptor (e.g., the CPSA descriptor). Note that by default if a descriptor returns a single value (such as ALOGPDescriptor the return array will have a single element
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      getDescriptorNames in interface IDescriptor
      An array of descriptor names, equal in length to the number of descriptor calculated..
    • calculate

      public DescriptorValue calculate(IAtom atom, IAtomContainer container)
      This method calculates the hybridization of an atom.
      Specified by:
      calculate in interface IAtomicDescriptor
      atom - The IAtom for which the DescriptorValue is requested
      container - Parameter is the atom container.
      The hybridization
    • getParameterNames

      public String[] getParameterNames()
      Gets the parameterNames attribute of the AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor object
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      getParameterNames in interface IDescriptor
      The parameterNames value
    • getParameterType

      public Object getParameterType(String name)
      Gets the parameterType attribute of the AtomHybridizationVSEPRDescriptor object
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      getParameterType in interface IDescriptor
      name - Description of the Parameter
      An Object of class equal to that of the parameter being requested
    • initialise

      public void initialise(IChemObjectBuilder builder)
      Default implementation of initialise allows optional override.
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      initialise in interface IDescriptor
      builder - chem object build