Class AngularMomentum

  • public class AngularMomentum
    extends Object
    This class is used to calculate angular momentum states.
    Stephan Michels <>
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AngularMomentum

        public AngularMomentum​(double J)
    • Method Detail

      • getIx

        public IMatrix getIx()
        Calculates the Ix operator
      • getIy

        public IMatrix getIy()
        Calculates the Iy operator
      • getIz

        public IMatrix getIz()
        Calculates the Iz operator
      • getIplus

        public Matrix getIplus()
        Calculates the I+ operator
      • getIminus

        public Matrix getIminus()
        Calculates the I- operator
      • getSpinVector

        public Vector getSpinVector​(double theta,
                                    double phi)
        Calculates a spin vector by a direction specified by theta and phi