Class PropertiesListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IChemObjectIOListener, IReaderListener, IWriterListener

public class PropertiesListener extends Object implements IReaderListener, IWriterListener
Answers the questions by looking up the values in a Properties object. The question names match the property field names. If no answer is found in the Property object, or if the value is invalid, then the default is taken.

For the GaussianInputWriter the properties file might look like:

 Command=geometry optimization
Egon Willighagen <>
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  • Constructor Details

    • PropertiesListener

      public PropertiesListener(Properties props)
  • Method Details

    • setOutputWriter

      public void setOutputWriter(Writer writer)
      Overwrites the default writer to which the output is directed.
    • frameRead

      public void frameRead(ReaderEvent event)
      Description copied from interface: IReaderListener
      Indicates that a new frame has been read.
      Specified by:
      frameRead in interface IReaderListener
      event - information about the event.
    • processIOSettingQuestion

      public void processIOSettingQuestion(IOSetting setting)
      Processes the IOSettings by listing the question, giving the options and asking the user to provide their choice.

      Note: if the input reader is null, then the method does not wait for an answer, and takes the default.

      Specified by:
      processIOSettingQuestion in interface IChemObjectIOListener