Class ChemObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChemObject

        public ChemObject()
        Constructs a new IChemObject.
      • ChemObject

        public ChemObject​(IChemObject chemObject)
        Constructs a new IChemObject by copying the flags, and the identifier. It does not copy the listeners and properties.
        chemObject - the object to copy
    • Method Detail

      • getListenerCount

        public int getListenerCount()
        Returns the number of ChemObjectListeners registered with this object.
        Specified by:
        getListenerCount in interface IChemObject
        the number of registered listeners.
      • notifyChanged

        public void notifyChanged()
        This should be triggered by an method that changes the content of an object to that the registered listeners can react to it.
        Specified by:
        notifyChanged in interface IChemObject
      • notifyChanged

        public void notifyChanged​(IChemObjectChangeEvent evt)
        This should be triggered by an method that changes the content of an object to that the registered listeners can react to it. This is a version of notifyChanged() which allows to propagate a change event while preserving the original origin.
        Specified by:
        notifyChanged in interface IChemObject
        evt - A ChemObjectChangeEvent pointing to the source of where the change happened
      • getProperty

        public <T> T getProperty​(Object description,
                                 Class<T> c)
        Access a property of the given description and cast the specified class.
             IAtom atom = new Atom("C");
             atom.setProperty("number", 1); // set an integer property
             // access the property and automatically cast to an int
             Integer number = atom.getProperty("number");
             // if the method is in a chain or needs to be nested the type
             // can be provided
             methodAcceptingInt(atom.getProperty("number", Integer.class));
             // the type cannot be checked and so...
             String number = atom.getProperty("number"); // ClassCastException
             // if the type is provided a more meaningful error is thrown
             atom.getProperty("number", String.class); // IllegalArgumentException
        Specified by:
        getProperty in interface IChemObject
        Type Parameters:
        T - generic type (of provided class)
        description - description of a property (normally a string)
        c - type of the value to be returned
        the value stored for the specified description.
        See Also:
        IChemObject.getProperty(Object), IChemObject.addProperties(java.util.Map)
      • clone

        public Object clone()
                     throws CloneNotSupportedException
        Clones this IChemObject. It clones the identifier, flags, properties and pointer vectors. The ChemObjectListeners are not cloned, and neither is the content of the pointer vectors.
        Specified by:
        clone in interface IChemObject
        clone in class Object
        The cloned object
        CloneNotSupportedException - if the IChemObject cannot be cloned
      • compare

        public boolean compare​(Object object)
        Compares a IChemObject with this IChemObject.
        object - Object of type AtomType
        true if the atom types are equal
      • setID

        public void setID​(String identifier)
        Sets the identifier (ID) of this object.
        Specified by:
        setID in interface IChemObject
        identifier - a String representing the ID value
        See Also:
      • setFlag

        public void setFlag​(int mask,
                            boolean value)
        Sets the value of some flag. The flag is a mask from a given CDKConstant (e.g. CDKConstants.ISAROMATIC or CDKConstants.VISITED). The flags are intrinsic internal properties and should not be used to store custom values, please use IChemObject.setProperty(Object, Object).
         // set this chem object to be aromatic
         chemObject.setFlag(CDKConstants.ISAROMATIC, Boolean.TRUE);
         // ...
         // indicate we have visited this chem object
         chemObject.setFlag(CDKConstants.VISITED, Boolean.TRUE);
        Specified by:
        setFlag in interface IChemObject
        mask - flag to set the value for
        value - value to assign to flag
        See Also:
        IChemObject.getFlag(int), CDKConstants
      • getFlag

        public boolean getFlag​(int mask)
        Returns the value of a given flag. The flag is a mask from a given CDKConstant (e.g. CDKConstants.ISAROMATIC).
             // handle aromatic flag on this chem object
        Specified by:
        getFlag in interface IChemObject
        mask - flag to retrieve the value of
        true if the flag flag_type is set
        See Also:
        IChemObject.setFlag(int, boolean), CDKConstants
      • getFlagValue

        public Short getFlagValue()
        Access the internal value used to store the flags. The flags are stored on a single numeric value and are set/cleared.
        Specified by:
        getFlagValue in interface IChemObject
        numeric representation of the flags
      • setProperties

        public void setProperties​(Map<Object,​Object> properties)
        Set the properties of this object to the provided map (shallow copy). Any existing properties are removed.
        Specified by:
        setProperties in interface IChemObject
        properties - map key-value pairs
      • setFlags

        public void setFlags​(boolean[] flagsNew)
        Sets the whole set of flags.
        Specified by:
        setFlags in interface IChemObject
        flagsNew - the new flags.
        See Also:
      • shallowCopy

        public Object shallowCopy()
        Clones this IChemObject, but preserves references to Objects.
        Shallow copy of this IChemObject
        See Also:
      • setNotification

        public void setNotification​(boolean bool)
        Description copied from interface: IChemObject
        Set a flag to use or not use notification. By default it should be set to true.
        Specified by:
        setNotification in interface IChemObject
        bool - if true, then notification messages are sent.
        See Also: